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Expanding opportunities in consumer electronics

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Founded in 2005, Tech ART is an established boutique British consumer electronics distributor with a rich history of working with some of the biggest retailers in the world across a wide range of product categories.

Our experience and approach means that we work closely with all key stakeholders to ensure that our products drive volume and margin enhancements, whilst delivering great quality experiences for the end user. Whether it be creating exclusive products for a partner, or developing bespoke POS for in store activation, we have the agility, experience, and skills to deliver excellent results for retailers of all sizes that engage shoppers and enhance sales.

Our brands cover a vast array of consumer electronics categories including; mobile accessories, gaming, audio, smart home, batteries and much more. We have a plethora of options to help our retail partners drive incremental sales volumes and stay on the front foot with new technological trends.

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Tech Charge is an innovative British power and connectivity brand. Offering unrivalled power at your fingertips to help you fully utilize your technology to ensure you never miss a moment.  

Covering an enormous range of products, the Deltaco range offers a single-branded quality offering of products across several categories including; smart home, mobile accessories, PC, AV, EV charging, electrical cabling, batteries and much more.

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iTECH Mount provides a wide range of premium fixed, tilt and full motion wall mount solutions in an eye-catching single-format packaged solution that enhance viewing experiences


Born in the Nordics in 2011, Streetz is fueled by a passion for music, aiming to make consumer audio universally accessible in a fashionable way. The carefully crafted products reflect Nordic design, offering a 5-year warranty for quality assurance. With a presence in over 20 markets, Streetz remains committed to uniting people through the power of music.


At MONDO, we are not just reimagining but actively reshaping the intersection of street culture, sound, and Scandinavian design. Central to our core philosophy is a unique fusion of culture, technology, and artistry, which truly sets us apart in the dynamic world of music technology. Originating from a collaboration of industry disruptors, MONDO by Defunc goes beyond merely creating audio devices; indeed, we are crafting immersive experiences. So, how do we achieve this? By collaborating with artists and fans, and potentially even you. Because, fundamentally, our mission is to revolutionize music tech through active artist and fan involvement, shaping MONDO together


A supreme range of gaming products that make high quality gaming experiences accessible for everyone. From gaming chairs, to headsets, to all in one gaming kits, there's a Deltaco Gaming product for every gamer. 

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JVC is a leading manufacturer of sophisticated audio products that use superior technologies to deliver high quality sound


Founded in 2006 by digital music entrepreneurs Jens and Johan, JAYS emerged with a vision to democratize superior sound and design. Renowned for award-winning headphones and minimalistic aesthetics, JAYS prioritizes an effortless listening experience in their innovative digital sound products today.


Premium gaming accessories. Slang for elite, L33T offers everything from quality gaming chairs and tables in stunning designs to cool gaming backpacks and other practical equipment and accessories, all with one key focus- to create the perfect gaming set-up


Combines Nordic style and elegance across a wide range of quality climate, home and kitchen products

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Cool, fun and innovative gadgets for all the family

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