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Who are we?

Nimble. Passionate. Approachable. Bridging the gap between brands and retail 

Founded in 2005, Tech ART is an established British consumer electronics distributor with a rich history of working with some of the biggest retailers in the world across a wide range of product categories.

Our experience and approach means that we work closely with all key stakeholders to ensure that our products drive volume and margin enhancements, whilst delivering great quality experiences for the end user. Whether it be creating exclusive products for a partner, or developing bespoke POS for in store activation, we have the agility, experience, and skills to deliver excellent results for retailers of all sizes that engage shoppers and enhance sales.

Our brands cover a vast array of consumer electronics categories including; mobile accessories, gaming, audio, smart home, batteries and much more. We have a plethora of options to help our retail partners drive incremental sales volumes and stay on the front foot with new technological trends.

If you're a brand or a retailer of any size, please get in touch to see how we could get your business 

Every journey beings with a conversation...get in touch to see how we can support your brand or business 


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